Google chrome dark mode for Android

The time is dark now, well you have seen everyone is getting crazy about dark theme or dark mode. Why not, dark mode has many advantages :
  • Battery - Dark mode saves battery if the device have AMOLED or OLED display.
  • Eye comfort - Because blue light & flickering reduces in dark mode.
  • Readability - With black background and white text on the screen (i.e dark background and light text) is more comfortable while reading.
The question here is how to enable dark mode in google chrome?

Dark mode for Chrome on Android

Chrome has not officially launched dark mode.To enable dark mode on android you need to manually enable dark mode or dark theme feature for chrome.

  • First thing first you need to enter "chrome://flags"  without quotes in the address bar.

  • Now if you have done that search for "Android Chrome UI dark mode" in the search bar.
  • Now enable the feature and relaunch the chrome browser.

  • Now you will find "themes" option in Settings

  • You can now change theme to dark mode.

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