WhatsApp beta 2.19.282 for Android: News Features | Dark Mode

WhatsApp beta  2.19.282 for Android Dark Mode

Whatsapp is now working on Dark Mode feature and has recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program called Whatsapp beta 2.19.282.

Dark theme for Whatsapp is official now, but dark theme for whatsapp is not available for you if you have updated your whatsapp beta version it's not visible for you. 

Whatsapp has not announced or given a clue when the feature will be available, but don't worry it's coming soon finally.For dark theme whatsapp has implemented new option called "Theme" in settings

These are the options you will get in Whatsapp Theme menu:

Light Theme: It is the usual white theme that you have always used in your phones.

Dark Theme: It is the one that whatsapp has been working on you will get dark User interface after selecting it.

System Default: whatsapp indentifies the default theme used by you Android Phone  system and set's it according to phone's theme (light or dark).

When you enable dark theme option in Whatsapp every section in Whatsapp turns into blue night colours.


Whatsapp is currently working on Dark Mode and the colour combination for text is not correct yet as you can see on screenshot above, once it is fixed and app is tested it will good to go to update very soon on Google Play Store. Stay tuned for future updates.

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