Whatsapp disappearing message

Whatsapp Disappearing Message Feature

Whatsapp is continuously working on new updates to bring new features to users. This time it's "disappearing message" feature which enables user to send message which  disappears after some time.

However, disappearing message feature is not available to users , Whatsapp is still working on this feature. The new disappearing feature first seen on whatsapp version 2.19.275 and is not available to everyone on the beta yet. 

If chat is marked to be "disappeared" all the messages will automatically removed after some time.

Users can enable this feature from group info where "Disappearing Messages" can be found, when the feature will be available.

How you can enable disappearing message feature on Whatsapp:

Go to whatsapp group info.

Tap on "Disappearing Messages"

Whatsapp disappearing message feature 

Whatsapp disappearing message feature 
Select  message disappearing time.

After enabling this feature, all future messages will be automatically removed after selected disappearing message time.Whatsapp has not announced when this feature will come to whatsapp. Let us know if you like this feature or not comments you thoughts.

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